Grab A Chair, Flinch

Poise and Posture
Ply, MDF, modroc, dowel, timber

The Glue Factory, July 2016
with Jude Hagan, David Roder and Jack Saunders

Installation view

Installation view

Warm Shower
Timber, steel, cotton, paint

Installation view

Installation view

A Drawer, A Law

Work From Home
MDF, timber, felt, salt dough, air drying clay, oak, paint

Table of Incidences
MDF, ply, timber, glass, paint

I Think I'm Picking This Up
MDF, timber, paint

Warp and Weft
Timber, hardboard, string, paint

A Pull

After Hours
Hardboard, drawing, scrap wood, perspex, photo print, photocopy

Built with Berta.me