Jessica Higgins
e: jessicasusanhiggins@gmail.com

Recent and Past

- New Edition, Edinburgh Printmakers, July 2017 w/ Matthew Walkerdine as Museums Press. w/ Emer Tumilty and Poster Club
- Guilding. Published by Publication Studio London April 2017
- After Hours, 16 Nicholson St. Glasgow. April 2017
- (performance for...) Comfortable on a Tightrope stage, Sounds From The Other City, Salford. 30th April 2017.
- SIC, w/ Owen Piper, Glasgow Project Rooms, 22nd October 2016
- (performance at..) Stoke a Few Lulling Cinders and Let the Ash Set Around, Celine, Glasgow. 28th August 2016. Presented by Good Press w/ Joanne Dawson, Kathryn Elkin, Judith Hagan, Nick Lynch, Ewan McCaffrey, Jamie McNeill, Owen Piper, David Roeder, Sarah Rose, Matthew Walkerdine, Fritz Welch and Rebecca Wilcox.
- David Roder & Freunde Zeigen, Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig, August 2016 w/ David Roeder, Benjamin Dittrich, Mirjam Jacob & Jamie McNeill
- Grab a Chair, Flinch w/ David Roeder, Judith Hagan, Jack Saunders. The Glue Factory, Glasgow, July 2016.
- Graduate Residency Programme, Many Studios Glasgow. October 2015 - June 2016.
- BA(Hons) June 2015.

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